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PowerUp Immunity Pack

PowerUp Immunity Pack

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Ideal for anyone interested in proactively strengthening their immune system — including frequent travelers, those working in childcare, healthcare, or other highly transmissive environments!

Hay’s PowerUp Immunity Bundle is designed to support the individual systems your body relies on to defend itself from unwanted visitors — specifically its cellular function, nervous system health, and collagen production. 

Think of including this bundle in your routine as an investment, so that when the time comes your body is ready to fight back with all it’s got!

Why bundle? Because supplements work better together! 

Your body is complex, but your routine doesn’t have to be. When focused around specific nutritional goals, the benefits of individual supplements begin to support the effectiveness of others. 

Plus, bundling is the best way to save! An investment in your health should be rewarded — that’s why our products come at a higher discount the more you bundle:

  • Get 30% off when you go gold
  • Get 20% off when you select silver
  • Get 10% off when you buy bronze
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