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VEGAN HAY'S SHOWUP BUNDLE (ShowUp for yourself! The Ultimate Bundle) + Free Guide

VEGAN HAY'S SHOWUP BUNDLE (ShowUp for yourself! The Ultimate Bundle) + Free Guide

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100% vegan and ideal for anyone looking to ‘show up’ for themselves by providing 360 support to the myriad of systems that make up a well-nourished body — including those just starting their health journey, and those well on their way! 

Our entire lineup of vegan all-natural nutritional supplements, Hay’s ShowUp 360 Health Bundle works one-for-one to support the key components of a healthy body: 

  • Beauty & Core Bodily Functions 
  • Exercise & Weight Loss 
  • Immunity & Bodily Defense 

From individuals to the whole family, Hay’s Vegan ShowUp 360 Health Bundle helps maximize the benefits of healthy lifestyles over time. 

Not sure where to start when you first order? All Vegan ShowUp 360 Health Bundles come with a free guide outlining in-depth the formulations of each individual supplement, and how to best match them to existing routines! 

Why bundle? Because supplements work better together! 

Your body is complex, but your routine doesn’t have to be. When focused around specific nutritional goals, the benefits of individual supplements begin to support the effectiveness of others. 

Plus, bundling is the best way to save! An investment in your health should be rewarded — that’s why our Vegan ShowUp 360 Health Bundle gets you our entire product catalog for 30% off!


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